Event Examples

The benefits of partnering with an event staffing agency can be very profitable. For example, in a medical conference, you'll pay all the expenses for 20 Doctors. Let's say that one doctor-speaker cost 3.000 thousand euros for air tickets and accommodation. The total cost is 60.000 euros. We can propose the solution to save up to 40.000 euros for this event. Contact us, an event producer agent will explain to you how...

Setup for Conferences

We can feed UHD video for up to 6  projectors or up to 6 TV Panels. The projectors into the conference room can show up to 4 Skype connections from around the world with a real-time audio stream, on 4 Boxes in one screen.

We can feed to the projection or monitor system also Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, animations, Web pages, even the mobile phone from the speaker. If you would like to monetize your event we can feed ads on low corners of the screen.

Please contact us to discuss all the possibilities for the perfect conference.

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Sale your event video

You can sell the video of the event that just ended ...
The best time to sell the video from your event is when viewers are still excited about it. Take advantage of their excitement and sell them one copy to a Wallet with an SD Card before going through the exit door.
You can also share the Video of the event for free with the support of one or several donors. The sponsor's logo can also be printed on the SD card's Wallet ...


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