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Mikis Theodorakis


Mikis Theodorakis    29.7.1925 – 2.9.2021

Mikis Theodorakis is a unique case who is simultaneously a musical genius, a high-level writer, a revolutionary personality of global scope, a patriot of universal radiation, and a pacifist of enormous caliber.

Panagiotis Doikos Professor Of Philosophy, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki

The Documentary Series


The word “Phenomenon” chosen to underline Mikis Theodorakis’ excellence and unfathomable musical talent, was not designated by chance. For Mikis Theodorakis profound philosophical line of thinking and creativity, place him in the pantheon of one of our times greatest masterminds.

The Producers of these series are not only committed to producing a documentary that will highlight Mikis Theodorakis’ brilliant musical works.

They are also committed to unveiling Mikis Theodorakis’ innermost feelings probe into his philosophical mind and disclose haunting thoughts and memories that inspired the artist to write the innovatory soul-stirring music he has composed.

The two notes of “Zorba’s Dance” from the Oscar-winning film  “Zorba the Greek” are two of the most recognizable musical  notes in the world  granting Mikis Theodorakis… immortality

Guy Wagner Mikis Theodorakis biographer

Zorba The Greek – Original

Episode One

Universal Harmony

Episode Two

Musical Genius

Episode Three

Man of the World

Episode Four

The Roads of Archangel

Episode Five

Rebel with a cause

Episode Six

The Legacy

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