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Content that is broadcast live can be very attractive to viewers.

The sense of immediacy makes people more likely to join in. More people watching at the same time leads to a better social conversation, and more buzz attracts more people to your brand.

It’s a positive feedback loop – the more people who watch, the more people join. You can use this to boost traffic, grow your audience, and strengthen your brand.

Of course, to truly reap the benefits of this approach you have to do things in a smart way. You can’t just live stream anything and expect success.

Your content has to be good and documented by professionals (Producers, Directors). Even more crucially, your attitude has to be right.

TV Studio

in a Backpack

For Live Streaming
& Video Recording

It's a full functional mobile TV studio. We can record any kind of events, interviews or presentations. Video content can be brodacast live to the internet (live Streaming) in multi-destinations at the same time, for example Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, any website.

Setup includes:

1. Three or four UHD (3840x2160) Cameras.
2. Pre-recorder videos or videos from Youtube, etc.
3. Video openers, graphic and lowerthirds.
4. Informational crawls fron news feeds.
5. PowerPoint presentations, websites, etc.
6. Connection boxes via Skype.
7. Three video recorders up to UHD.
8. Audio mixer, microphones, earphones, Lighting.
9. Green Screen setup 3m.

The final video content is a full professional specifications television production.

Do you organise an event? want to record it or live stream it?

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Broadcast TV Studio

fully equiped

Events Covering
with Live Streaming

Our broadcast TV Studio for recording or broadcasting live any kind of events, interviews, presentations etc. It is equiped, also, with 2 x 4G+ internet router for multi-destination live streaming (Facebook,YouTube).

On board setup:

1. Up to 8 UHD (3840x2160) cams.
2. Video Router 40 inputs and 40 outputsεξόδων.
3. Video mixer με 2 M/E and 3 Multi-view screens.
4. 6 x Video Recorders & 6 Video players.
5. Audio mixer 16 channels with 4 AUX buses.
6. Character Generator - 2 channels.
7. UPS Power Suply 220V.
8. Wireless communications.
9. Wireless and wired Microphones .
10. Wireless and wired headphones.
11. 2 x Internet Router 4G+.
12. LED lighting.

Our Studio is the ideal tool for covering remotelly and live streaming any kind of events such as medical or scientific conferences, research & innovation conferences, TV programs, products or services presentations, political or economic forums, teleconference, telemarketing, sport events, theater shows and music concerts.

Do you organise an event? want to video record it or live stream it?

Book it online and get 40% off, once.