Social Media Webcasting

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A great social marketing campaign can help a company build a strong online reputation, increase brand awareness and encourage traffic and sales conversions.

Social media campaign best practices

1 . Action-gate - ask users to interact with social media posts. Invite them to ask questions, take polls, provide reviews, enter contests and join mailing lists.

2. Provide incentives - give them a reason to provide information about themselves. Offer prizes, discounts and exclusive content in exchange for their attention and information

3. Make prizes relevant to the business if using a contest. For a t-shirt company, it's makes no sense to offer an Xbox as first prize in your contest (offer a year's worth of t-shirts!).

4. Proactively engage throughout the campaign - answer and address critique quickly and reinforce positive interactions with personal attention.

5. Promote across all social media accounts, even if the campaign is focused on one platform (e.g. Facebook).

6. Adapt the look and messaging of your entire online presence to reinforce the campaign. Include campaign branding and language on headers, landing and home pages.

7. Carefully monitor performance and adjust strategy if needed.

What makes us different

  1. Design and organization of production and transmission according to international TV standards.
  2. Ultra-modern mobile control (8 cameras) to ultra high-definition image quality-4k.
  3. High quality graphics, presentations, pre-recorded videos.
  4. Multiple connections via internet (Skype), Terrestrial and satellite links, .
  5. Multiple ways of distributing the content produced.
  6. Collaboration in the use of sponsorships and advertisements.

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Streaming Live...

Program SDI Video encoded for streaming in 2 ways:

  1. with hardware encoder
  2. with software encoder
and streamed Live in 2 ways:
  1. via 4G+ mobile telephone network.
  2. via satellite Internet path.


The truth of Analytics

Let’s start first with who to target. The easiest way to figure out who to target is to look at who has already watched your content in the past.

Google Analytics has a treasure trove of data on your target audience that watches content on your site. The Audience tab in Google Analytics shows you how your audience breaks down by gender, age, browser, device type and a variety of other aggregate data that will help you paint a picture of your target audience.

For example, Google Analytics categorizes your audience’s interests in buckets like ‘shopaholics,’ ‘shutterbugs,’ ‘technophiles,’ etc.

Google Analytics will also show you what country and city your users live in, what browser they use to view your broadcasts and whether new or returning users to your site spend more time with your content.

One other quick win to help you find a larger target audience is to be sure to connect your YouTube account is connected to your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. This will give you greater visibility into how people find your videos and boost your predictive power in finding new target audiences.

Social Media Video Production
The Channels

1. YouTube

YouTube is the best video marketing platform to engage the audience through DIY videos, explainer videos, video tutorials, testimonials, and behind the scene videos. It is important to note that 60% of videos on YouTube are watched on mobile devices and the sharing rate is also higher on mobile devices. So if you have been ignoring the tools and techniques that create better engagement for mobile viewers, you're limiting both your reach and sharing opportunities.

2. Facebook

Facebook has been putting a lot of emphasis on video content in their news feed lately, which is why the frequency of video content in your news feed has increased too. This has motivated marketers to produce more videos that appear in these feeds (either organically or paid).

3. Instagram

Instagram boasts 800 million monthly and 500 daily active users. Marketers have recognized the power and potential of the platform (especially post-acquisition by Facebook) which is why many brands are already actively and regularly posting on Instagram.

The best way to understand marketing on Instagram is by posting the right type of video at the right time. If you get this part right, consumers will usually engage without so long as you're not regularly delivering a hard pitch.
On Instagram, you have to showcase your product/service in a creative way by sharing video or creating video advertising. Video ads appear in between the Instagram organic feed and have a high view rate. Instagram is an effective social media marketing channels for SMEs.
Use Instagram Stories- These stories are temporary 10-second picture/video clips placed at the top of the Instagram feed. A proven marketing tool for brands, this ephemeral clip can drive huge engagement if handled strategically.

Follow the rules...

1. The Hook

Where you say what your video is about in attempt  to  grab the viewers attention.

2. Introduction

Say who you are and give any additional information related to your video or video purpose

3. Body of video

The content of the video. This is what the viewer clicked your video to see.

4. Call to action

Tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do.

What Strategy?