It’s not just a service!
it’s a passion
Broadcast Studio

Fully equipped with:

  1. UHD (3840 x2160)  Video mixer up to 20 SDI sources
  2. UHD (3840 x2160) Video Router with up to 40 inputs and 40 outputs
  3. 8 x 4k Cameras SDI connected.
  4. 3 x Video Disk Recorders
  5. Audio mixer up to 16 analogue sources (microphones, etc)
  6. Up to 8 Boxes simultaneously.
  7. Up to 8  Condenser Microphones cable or Wireless
  8. 2 x Title Generators.
Camera Crews for broadcasters

Always ready to roll crew

  1. 4 x ENG – 2 (Cameraman +  Audioman + MVP for 1 Live)
  2. 2 x ENG – 2 (Cameraman x 2 +  Audioman x 2) + 2 x MVP for 2 Live
  3. 1 x EFP – 2  (Cameraman +  Audioman)
  4. 2 x EFP – 2  (Cameraman x 2 +  Audioman x 2)
  5. 2 x Microphones + Boom arms
  6. 4 x Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  7. 6 x Dynamic ENG Microphones
  8. 8 x Led on field Lights with Batteries
  9. 4 x Cars

*ENG ( Electronic News Gathering), *EFP ( Electronic Field Production)
*MVP (Mobile ViewPoint)

Post Production Suites
Production Suites x 6

Click on the button to see the configuration of the suites

Event Live Streaming
  1. TV Studio in a BackPack up to 3 x Cameras, HDMI connected  (2 Units).
  2. Mobile Rack Studio up to 6 x Cameras  SDI connected.
  3. Mobile Internet on the go 150mbps down-50mbps up (2 Units)
  4. 3 x Video Disk Recorders
  5. Audio mixer up to 8 analogue sources (microphones, etc)
  6. 2 x Title Generators.

For Remote Conferences or other Productions, we use our Studio Control Room. We can handle up to 20 External Video Sources from all over the world.

OB Van Services

Our renowned knowledge and experience in Live broadcasting has given us the opportunity to work with the biggest TV networks. We provide all the broadcast facilities from individual and team sports, to concerts and international political events in South East Europe. Our OB Van and Production trucks, along with our team of professional technicians can cover your multiple camera events at the highest desirable level, delivering excellent quality of services.

Dubbing & Subtitling

Dubbing is the process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the audio track of a project that has already been filmed.
Subtitling is the process of translating spoken dialogue into written text on the screen.

We have dubbed hundreds of series, documentaries, movies in many languages. We have subtitled series and documentaries for all major Greek channels.

Male voice sample
Female voice sample